Telecom :

In the sector, very frequent frauds such as identity and document fraud (RIB, etc.) require extra vigilance.

Stakes &
VIALINK answers.

#1 Secure and automate the subscription process

VIALINK answer

VIALINK offers a 100% reliable and secure biometric identity, document and electronic signature verification process. The subscription is carried out without interruption and in just a few seconds.

#2 Optimize the customer experience

VIALINK answer

When subscribing, users receive real-time feedback (notifications, input assistance, etc.), which greatly facilitates the onboarding time of each customer.

3 benefits for
telecommunication operators.


Minimize identity and document fraud

Thanks to the verification processes and the electronic signature, the subscription is done quickly and with confidence.


Boost productivity and back office costs

Entrusted to VIALINK algorithms, checks and verifications allow back office teams to free up time to focus on high value-added tasks and increase their productivity.


Take the user experience to the next level

The automation of controls considerably reduces the processing time of each customer file and allows back office teams to increase their productivity while offering an unprecedented customer experience.

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