Online gambling :

The online gambling sector is deeply affected by fraud. Millions of customer accounts were closed during the year 2020 due to: 

  • illegal financial activities,
  • age and identity frauds.

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VIALINK answers

#1 Onboard new players quickly

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VIALINK 360 facilitates and accelerates data collectionverifies identity in few seconds via facial recognition and passive liveness detection in order to attest to the true identity of the player.

#2 Fight against account and identity theft

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VIALINK provides simple and ergonomic interfaces, easy and automated document uploading, real-time classification of data for a smooth and fast user experience.

#1 Use a platform open to the whole world

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VIALINK 360 is able to verify the identity of +7 billion potential players, spread over more than 200 countries around the world.

3 benefits for
online gambling


Secure player accounts

The many checks and verifications put in place within our solution give you the assurance of welcoming trusted players to your platforms.


Strengthen player identity verification

Our fastest identity and document verification solution on the market gives you the assurance of welcoming players who respect your rules.


Accelerate account validation

Thanks to artificial intelligence, VIALINK 360 accelerates and makes sensitive and time-consuming processes more reliable.

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