Fintech :

Since the 2008 crisis, banking has become more accessible and innovative Regulations are intensifying, driving up the costs of intermediation. Digital uses are multiplying and have increased during the period of lockdowns. Having an advantage in terms of reducing fixed costs, being a new online player make it easier to exploit data.

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VIALINK answers.

#1 Adapting quickly to new customer needs

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Facing an ever-increasing competition, a smooth customer journey is key. VIALINK uses its expertise in complex processes to offer autonomy, simplicity and data reliability.

#2 Complying with KYC and KYB regulations.

Knowing your customer: physical person (KYC) as well as corporation (KYB).

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With VIALINK, quickly identify fraud by verifying income or place of residence, protect yourself against sanctions (money laundering, financing of terrorism, etc.) and avoid legal risks due to questionable processes.

#1 Accelerate the number of subscriptions

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Thanks to the automation of the verification of supporting documents and consistency checks, the processes are fast and reliable, respecting the European regulations in force.

3 benefits for


Optimize customer journey

Thanks to AI assisted data collection and verification, offer a unique and 100% personalized user experience.


Minimize your risks

Thanks to our advances documentary verification crossing data with external database (DGFIP, Infogreffe, etc.), minimize identity and revenue fraud.


Boost your sales efficiency

Help your teams refocus on their core business to achieve operational excellence.

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