The present Vialink, SIGN, KYC, E-caution Sites, hereinafter referred to as “Vialink Sites”, are the property of Vialink, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 40,000 euros, whose head office is located at Paris 12ème, 18 quai de la Râpée, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under number 428 668 545, and whose individual intra-community identification number is VAT FR 17 428 668 545.

The Director of the publication of Vialink’s Sites is Mr. Philippe Sanchis, in his capacity as Managing Director of Vialink.

Vialink’s postal address is 18 Quai de la Râpée, 75012 Paris, it’s telephone number is +33(0) (price of a local call) from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, it’s e-mail address is

These Vialink Sites are subject to French law. The use of these Vialink Sites implies that users agree to comply with these general terms and conditions as well as all applicable laws.

Conditions of access and use

The Vialink Sites are SaaS platforms intended for Vialink’s customers and an information site on the company Vialink including a general presentation of it’s offer without any guarantee of suitability for a specific need, use or conditions of use.

Les Sites VIALINK sont des plateformes en SaaS à destination des clients de VIALINK et un site d’information sur la société VIALINK comprenant une présentation générale de son offre sans garantie d’adéquation à un besoin, à un usage ou à des conditions d’utilisation spécifiques.

Technical means

Consultation of Vialink Sites requires a configuration that is compatible with Vialink Sites.

Before any consultation of Vialink Sites, it‘s the responsibility of users to contact their access provider to ensure that the browser used allows access, in a secure configuration, to Vialink Sites.

Users acknowledge that they have the skills and means necessary to access and consult the Vialink Sites.

The user of Vialink Sites also acknowledges having verified that the computer configuration used does not contain any viruses, that it’s in good working order and that it’s set to GMT.

General Warning

The user of Vialink Sites finally acknowledges having read these legal notices. The information appearing on the Vialink Sites is provided for information purposes only and cannot be guaranteed by Vialink, particularly in view of the time required to update it. Vialink may not be held liable for direct or indirect damages, such as loss of data, viruses or bugs, loss resulting from an error or from information consulted or downloaded on Vialink Sites, loss or loss of profit on any order. Vialink may also not be held liable in the event of misuse of the Vialink Sites by the user in the event of unavailability of the Vialink Sites and, in a general manner, in the event of any trouble whatsoever that may result from difficulties related to the operation of the Vialink Sites : cases of force majeure, difficulties related to the structure of the telecommunications network or technical difficulties, maintenance periods or failures of any kind.

Warning regarding downloading

The user may download certain information appearing on the Vialink Sites. Only the information presented on the Vialink Sites is authentic. The user guarantees that he or she holds the rights and authorizations necessary to carry out this downloading and that he or she has all the rights to use the software and/or software packages necessary for the downloading, processing and management of his or her information. The user is solely responsible for any loss of data, any virus or bug, as well as any difficulty of any nature whatsoever resulting or that may result from downloading.

Intellectual Property Law

All of the information and documents on Vialink Sites are subject to international laws protecting intellectual property and copyright in all it’s components. The general structure as well as the texts, sounds, images, animated or not, and all the elements that make up the Vialink Sites are the property of Vialink. Any total or partial representation or reproduction of these Vialink Sites or of any of it’s elements, without the express and prior authorization of Vialink, is prohibited. Any representation and/or reproduction of these Vialink Sites, by any process whatsoever, would constitute an infringement punishable under Articles L.335-2 and next of the Intellectual Property Code. By exception, some content is the property of it’s respective authors. Any reproduction and/or representation of this content by any process whatsoever without the express and prior consent of their authors is prohibited and would constitute an infringement. All trademarks, acronyms and logos appearing on the Vialink Sites are registered trademarks. Any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks, acronyms or logos without the express authorization of Vialink is prohibited and would constitute an infringement within the meaning of Article L.716-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.


Hypertext links set up within the framework of the Vialink Sites leading to other resources present on the Internet network do not engage the liability of Vialink and/or its partners with respect to the content. Vialink cannot be held liable for hyperlinks pointing to Vialink Sites. Users of the Vialink Sites may not set up a hyperlink to the Vialink Sites without the express and prior authorization of Vialink and/or it’s partners for information concerning them.

Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

The present legal notices are subject to French law. Any dispute that may arise from the interpretation and execution of the present legal notice is under the jurisdiction of the courts of Paris.


The user acknowledges being informed that, when accessing the Vialink Sites, information concerning the frequency of access, the personalization of pages as well as the operations performed and the information consulted may be collected by Vialink through computerized processes. The user acknowledges having been informed of this practice and authorizes Vialink to use it.

Management of personal data

Personal data such as surname, first name, postal address, email address, telephone numbers, IP address, connection data and navigation data are likely to be collected. The information communicated by subscribers and prospects at the time of any subscription or request is intended for Vialink as well as it’s partners and service providers. The information identified by an asterisk collected and entered on the Vialink Sites is mandatory for the processing of your request and the proper operation of the service. The said information is intended for Vialink as well as it’s partners and service providers for the purposes of management and processing within the framework of the services set up by Vialink and will only be the subject of external communication to meet legal and regulatory obligations. The said information may not be retained for longer than the duration necessary for it’s purpose, in compliance with the legal provisions in force.


When you are a Vialink customer and in accordance with the amended “Data Protection Act” of January 6, 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have permanent rights of access, rectification, deletion or portability of the information that concerns you, which you may exercise free of charge directly to Vialink, the Data Controller, by contacting Vialink’s Data Protection Officer (DPO), 18 Quai de la Râpée, 75012 Paris or by e-mail at

The request must be accompanied by a copy of the identity document of the person concerned and countersigned by this person.

In order for us to process your request, you must send by e-mail the elements necessary for your identification : surname, first name, e-mail, a copy of your valid ID and possibly your postal address.


When you are the customer of a company that is also a Vialink customer, Vialink is a subcontractor. In accordance with the amended French Data Protection Act, you may exercise your rights directly with Vialink’s client, the Data Controller, since Vialink is a subcontractor.

The methods for managing the security of the personal data collected are detailed in the confidentiality policy of Vialink Sites.


The data hosted within the framework of the Vialink Sites are hosted exclusively in the European Economic Area.