Human Resources :

How to make the information submitted by candidates more reliable (identity, driving licence, etc.) while drastically reducing the processing time for each file?
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VIALINK answers.

#1 Digitize the collection of the candidate file

VIALINK answer

Thanks to our ergonomic and secure interfaces, speed up and digitize the collection of all the information requested from the candidate.

#2 Accelerate and make the management of candidate files more reliable

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VIALINK 360 verifies the identity of candidates and automatically detects the supporting documents submitted. Thanks to AI, the data is instantly detected and pre-filled in the file. The candidate only has to check the data entered automatically and sign. Once the file is complete, VIALINK 360 makes it available to the back office teams in real time.

#1 Simplify the employee journey

VIALINK answer

Thanks to the digital signature, you and your candidate start your collaboration quickly. Not only is the contractualisation done in a short time, but the entire employee journey is simplified. Signature of the IT charter, internal regulations, annual interviews… all the procedures are formalized in no time.

3 benefits for
human resources


Complete your files in a minimum of time

Reduce back and forth when creating the candidate file. Accelerate and make data collection more reliable while reducing human error thanks to AI.


Accelerate team productivity

VIALINK provides interfaces that facilitate data recovery and speed up the processing of files on the back office side.


Bring more efficiency every single day

The integration of high-performance digital tools such as those offered by VIALINK helps you to know your future coworkers and to start a collaboration based on trust.

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