Easy management of project bank accounts

E-Chantiers digitalizes the management life-cycle of project or group bank accounts used by construction joint ventures (SEPs). E-Chantiers consolidates project bank account requests and speeds up the validation of payment break down request by all stakeholders.

Digitalize the management of projects/construction site bank accounts

Opening a group account

Open a group account with the bank of your choice, while maintaining a centralized view of all open accounts.

Management of breakdown requests

Issue your breakdown letters, automatically send them to your partners for signatures and follow the progress directly on the E-Chantiers platform.

Request for closure

Automate the closing of your construction site accounts with banks upon completion of the project.

Access settings and profiles

Our profile management module allows you to define the roles and responsibilities of each person within your organization.

Manage your accounts with ease

E-Chantiers allows the agent to open a group/project account online with the bank of his choice and to manage each account directly on the platform.
E-Chantiers implements an advanced management of user rights in order to reflect the internal organization of construction companies and banks. The defined roles facilitate the issuance and the follow-up of breakdown requests in full compliance with corporate rules.
Operated by Vialink, a certified trusted third party, E-Chantiers guarantees the confidentiality and compliance of transactions.
Using electronic signatures, E-Chantiers eliminates the need for mail exchanges to validate a breakdown request. Once signed, the request is automatically sent to the bank, which can validate it online and make transfers.

Simplify the management of project bank accounts